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It was three years ago when we were looking for a place to provide therapy services for Marcus. We wrote down our top choices: Building Blocks, Leap Bounds,… Dawn & Vanessa. And that’s how we knew Marcus would go to MindWorks. Not because of the location or the sign on the door, but because of Dawn & Vanessa.  We met those who were there from the beginning. Elda, Chris. and Bel & Linette. Then soon came Debbie & Laura, Emma & Mara, and Lisa & Eric.  You see, we were looking for the right place, and what we found were the right people. To the above mentioned persons, those who provide the support to make MindWorks possible, and to future staff. Thank You so very much for all they do, and continue to do, for Marcus and our family.

To our MindWorks friends… No words can express how grateful I am to all of you for helping my son find himself.  He has grown so much in just one year, and I know that it is due to the group effort you all have made to challenge him to deeper levels. I understand more and more each day, that it is in him, and he just needs to be shown how to bring it to life.  I have learned so much sitting in on your sessions with him, and I thank you for allowing me to be “one of those parents.”  Believe me when I say, that I take everything I’ve learned from observing you guys, and use it daily.  You all are amazing for doing what you do.  You mean so much to Jhace and I, and we are very sad to go.  We will never forget you, not just cause you all are crazy ! But because you have changed our lives… you have changed my beautiful son into someone who now “converses” with me about the little things in life that I take for granted, but to him are so amazing. Thank you to all his teachers: “Mara-Nessa”… for being faithful to him and not allowing him to take it easy, but for your continuous effort to challenge him to places I never dreamed he would be. Thank you Elda, for your patience with me and all my schedule changes.  You have been wonderful and are blessing to us.  Also want to thank Chris…for your sense of humor… just looking at you makes him laugh! For everyone else who has had planted a seed in Jhace’s progress…thank you.  And last, but not least, to Dawn and Vanessa… you have a beautiful place here, and I pray that God will continue to bless you all, as you have blessed so many with your love and joy for these special children who yearn for it.   

What can I say, you all have been GREAT! You all strive on helping our children become responsible and productive individuals. You ALL have been a God send and always ready to help and answer questions that we may have. Having a child on the Autism Spectrum is hard ENOUGH but you and your staff make things a little easier. Thank God for MindWorks! My daughter is now mainstreamed and a cheerleader at her school. I feel very proud and blessed of her. Thanks for all of the wonderful staffs help.

  To Vanessa, Dawn & each and every one of you here at MindWorks, I would just like to thank each one of you for your kindness and professionalism in working with Nicolas and all the other children as well. I can see that you all enjoy working with our children in whatever capacity here at MindWorks and that is what makes it more than a job. I admire each one of you for that reason. I don’t know how else to express my gratitude other than through a meal. I truly wanted to be of some service to you and this is the only way I know how. I would also like to share that I am grateful because of the progress Nicolas has made here at MindWorks. My prayers are being answered and MindWorks is blessing our children. I wanted to share with you “my prayer for my son” that I wrote when he was 3 years old and was diagnosed with severe autism. It was a painful time and I wrote this with hope and faith that God would somehow guide me and open doors that would provide him with the special help he needed. AN EXTRAORDINARY BOY WITH A CAPTIVATING SMILE TO BE ABLE TO HEAR HIM TALK, I WOULD WALK NARROW MILES HE IS CONTENT BUT SILENT, I WANT TO HEAR HIM SAY “COME MY BROTHER AND MY SISTER, LET US GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY.” MY HOPES FOR HIM ARE GREATER THAN HE WILL EVER KNOW, AND HIS PRESENCE IS A BLESSING BECAUSE GOD HAS MADE IT SO. GOD’S MERCY AND HIS GLORY ARE REVEALED UPON HIS FACE, BECAUSE HE IS VERY SPECIAL, GOD WILL HELP HIM FIND HIS WAY. “I PRAY GOD YOU WILL MOLD HIM INTO THE PERSON HE SHOULD BE, ONE OF LOVE, KINDNESS AND COURAGE, AND GREAT INTEGRITY.” MY SON…I’LL ALWAYS LOVE HIM, AND AS HE GROWS IN HEIGHT AND MIND, I CAN SEE THE LORD WORKING IN HIS LIFE. I SEE HIS LIGHT. There is not a day that goes by now that Nicolas does not invite his brother and his sister outside to play. It comes from him. As each of you know, these milestones are major to parents of children with autism. These are the goals that I know you help them reach. Thank you for your love and patience with our son. Blessings, Diana and Raul Rodriguez

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